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Daniel Sefton

Hey! I'm a 24 year old entrepreneur and digital nomad. I run a location-independent digital agency called TidalWare, and I also started Sefton Fdn to raise awareness of any real-world issues I'm passionate about. In the past I've worked for PageSuite in London and Appcelerator in Silicon Valley, building apps for fortune 500 companies. Read more...

Building Ogre 3D for Android on Mac OSX


Prerequisites Download and install CMake: Download the latest dependencies package AndroidDependencies_[Date].zip: Clone the Ogre v1-9 branch with the following command: hg clone -r v1-9 Download Android NDK r8e 32 bit from: Download Android SDK from: Building Ogre Extract the Android NDK and SDK and move the folders to a suitable […]

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Building boost 1.49 with clang++, iOS 5.1 and Xcode 4.3


UPDATE: For the latest boost and iOS 6, clone this repo instead, it should “just work”: Thanks Galbraith! First of all, Apple haven’t updated the path given by xcode-select since 4.3. xcode-select -print-path will output “/Developer”. To update it for Xcode 4.3’s new pathing, simply run: sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/ I have cloned the […]

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