Education in Third World countries through Technology

A 14 year old built an electricity generator from scratch by reading a physics book from a library, producing irrigation for an entire village.

This shows that education in Third World countries has self-sustaining and long-term value as opposed to funding temporary infrastructure built by First World countries.

The question is: How can we supply that book, and many more, to the millions of people without access to a library?

The answer is not build more libraries, or print more books. The answer is smaller, cheaper, and can hold far more books.


One Laptop Per Child builds and distributes cheap portable computers powered by solar electricity to Third World villages. Each one capable of holding an entire library, and more.

The most powerful learning method is self-learning, and technology enables that.

Imagine if every child could build their own electricity generator.

I will be posting more about this subject over the next few years, stay tuned!

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