Why I’m Voting to Remain in the EU

This referendum will have major consequences that will be felt for the next decade and beyond, so I’d like to share my brief opinion on why I believe we should remain. There will be no hard facts, just my own viewpoint after having watched and read countless arguments from both sides as a resident of the UK.

I can understand how much of the general population are passionate about leaving the EU – they feel strongly about immigration, how we appear to be bailing out other EU countries instead of investing the money at home, and they would prefer that our politicians have full control rather than being governed by Brussels. These are all valid points, and even I’m tempted by the idea of having greater control – but that’s the problem, it’s more like an emotional idea spawned by the frustration of the general population than something that will actually benefit our economy.

If we leave the EU my main concern is that we will be far more isolated as a country – trade deals will be more expensive, travel within Europe will become much more difficult, and it will be harder for businesses to deal with a crucial market of 500 million people. The world economy is built on trade, and becoming independent and putting up extra barriers I feel is a gigantic step backwards.

On a personal level, it could mean that we need visas to travel to the EU, becoming an expat will be far more complex, and buying property abroad will have a new set of complications. Being able to freely move around Europe is a huge bonus, and as technology advances future generations will greatly appreciate this privilege in terms of remote working.

If we vote to leave, no doubt it will be news headlines for years to come, and quite frankly I’m already sick of hearing about it. I don’t want to live in a world where the EU breaks down and countries start questioning their own membership. Modern society is far better when we work together. However, if this is what the people vote for then we will all have to suck it up, turn down the bumpy road and deal with it. The British economy may well emerge from the storm, but it won’t be straightforward.

If we remain, the pound will become even stronger, markets will begin trading as normal, and we can all get on with our lives without worrying about all the extra negotiations and work our politicians will have to deal with as a result of putting up more barriers. That’s why I will be voting to remain.

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