The games I’ve made over the past 7 years listed in chronological order of project start date.

Flash games

In 2005 at the age of 13 I created over 30 Flash games and experiments. Shortly after a selection of these were featured in national games magazine PC Zone as “web game of the month”.


Project Velocity

My first 3D game written in C++. Started at the age of 15 in 2007.

A video testing the drift physics of the game, with one of my racetracks. The cars were modelled by someone who later went to work on Burnout Paradise.

Project Utopia

A 3D virtual world called Project Utopia made between 2007-2009 (age 16-18). It featured multiplayer networking with collaborative editing, dynamic weather, HTTP resource distribution and more.


Gravity Animals

A 3D platform game for iOS. My latest project targeting mobile platforms, due for launch later this year. In 2010 it won 1st prize in a games showcase competition.



Urchin, an iPhone game I started and submitted in 14 days as a small break from my larger project.


A game engine which allows me to rapidly prototype and develop games across a number of different platforms.


Ducks in Space

I wrote this game as a solo programmer in 32 hours, June 1-2 2011. It won Best Game Award – 1st prize with judges from Rockstar, Revolution Software and Team17.