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Age: 24
Currently: Director at TidalWare
Previously: Mobile Developer at PageSuite in central London and Application Developer at Appcelerator in Mountain View, California
Degree: BSc(Hons) in Computer Games Programming at the University of Huddersfield
Networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Github, Quora, SoundCloud,


Programming Languages

  • C++ (8 years) Libs: Ogre 3D, Qt, Bullet, RakNet, Boost, OpenAL, Luabind, BSON, TinyXML, sigc++, cURL
  • Objective-C, Lua (5 years)
  • PHP, ActionScript (3 years)
  • C#, Java (2 years)
  • Swift (1 year)
  • JavaScript, MySQL, XML, JSON, HTML, CSS

  • iOS (specialty), Android, Mac, Windows
  • Xcode, Visual Studio, Eclipse
  • SVN, Git, CMake, JIRA
  • Amazon AWS
  • Titanium Studio (Certified – TCAD)
  • Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash
  • Blender 3D, Unity 3D

Relevant Experience
Mobile development, Game design/development, Engine/tools development, Cross-platform development, Client/server/cloud development, UI/UX, Web design/development, Graphics and 3D modeling.


  • 2011 – 1st place in the Blind Panic 32 hour game jam competition in Huddersfield University, judged by employees from Rockstar Leeds, Team17 and Revolution Software.
  • 2011 – Finalist of The Graduate 2011 by BCS The Chartered Institute for IT – involved a teamwork exercise, presentation of a mobile app idea, a diagrammatic reasoning exam and an interview.
  • 2010 – 1st Place in the Platform 2010 game showcase competition in Hull, UK for my 3D iOS game prototype. Featured in local and county newspapers. Aged 18.



  • 2006 – National UK games magazine PC Zone, Web Game of the Month, issue 167 pg. 119 (aged 14).
  • 2005 – National UK magazine Web Designer, mention of role as community moderator, issue 114 pg. 10 (aged 13).



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